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Region R.A.T.S. was founded September of 2011.  By three young men from Michigan City, Indiana.  Coming from a place where your ambition is key to success, Courtney Lewis, JaVaughn Garner,  and Tiere Jackson collectively came up with a concept to help inspire people of like minds.

The Region in Region R.A.T.S. comes from the nicknames that was given to Northwest region of Indiana.  Whereas R.A.T.S. is an acronym meaning "Above The Stars Reaching ". An idea not to just settle for limits set by a narrow-minded society.

By creating Region R.A.T.S. clothing, we hope to contribute to the community in a positive way by giving the youth (and others alike) an alternative out look on life and fashion. With our clothing, we hope to inspire the region to reach above the stars.